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Nationality     : Tanzanian

Address          : Residential KW/MB/113 Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam

Work               : University of Dar es Salaam, History Dep. Archaeology Unit

Education       : 1977 Ph. D (Archaeology) University, Burnaby B.C Canada.

                          1972 M.A (Anthropology) University of Colorado Boulder USA

                          1969 B.A Hon’s (Upper 2nd) University of East Africa, University College of Nairobi.



2013: Supervisor on Ms Elizabeth Kyazike’s PhD thesis. Univ of Dar es Salaam

2013: External Examiner for Ms Ancila Nhamo’s DPhil Thesis, University of Zimbabwe

2012: External Examiner for Mr Ben N Nyachoga’s PhD thesis. Univ. of Nairobi

2011: Internal Examiner for Ms Plan Shenjere’s PhD. University of Dar es Salaam

2011-present: External University Examinations Moderator, Stella Maris University College, Mtwara

2011-2013: Part time Lecturer, Arcadia University, Arusha

2006 - Present: Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Dar es Salaam

2002 - March-June: Short time visiting Professor, Rutgers University, New Jersey U.S.A

1999 - 2005: Assoc. Professor of Archaeology and Geography, Open University of Tanzania.

1997- Present: Director and Coordinator, Palaeo-cultural & Environment Research.

1996 - 1997: Visiting Professor, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.

1991 - 1996: Senior Lecturer, University of Dar es salaam

1990 - 1991: Principal Curator, Natural Museum Arusha.

1978 - 1990: Director, National Museums of Tanzania.

1992 - 1978: Asst. Curator National Museum of Tanzania.

1966 - 1972: Education Officer, National Museum of Tanzania

1963 - 1966: Education Officer, National Museum of Kenya

1963 - 1963: Tutor, St John Teachers College, Kilimambogo, Thika, Kenya.


Honorary and Professional Titles

2010: Vice Chairman National Committee for the preparation of   the 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of              Zinjanthropus

1993 - Present: Chairman: East African Rock Art Research Association (EARARA)

1991 - 1993: Vice Chairman; Organizing Committee for ‘Four Million Years of Hominid Evolution in Africa

                    : International Conference in Honor of Dr M.D Leakey’s Outstanding Contribution in                                                 Palaeoathropology August 8-14, 1993 Arusha Tanzania.

1990 - 1993: Vice-president: Commonwealth Association of Museums.

1988 - 1990: Chief Editor; Kumbuka

1987 - 1990: External Examiner for Archaeology; University of Nairobi.

1985 - 1987: External Examiner for Archaeology; University of Dar es salaam.

1987 - 1989: Scientific Associate, Institute of Human Origins.

1983 - 1990: Chairman, National Committee of ICOM

1978 - 1988: Member of Editorial Board, Tanzania Note & Records.


Graduate Students Supervisory assignments:

2012 - 2013: Supervisor of Ms Fatuma Mirembe’s Master’s Dissertation. UDSM

2012 - 2013: Co-supervisor of Ms Elizabeth Kyazikes’ Phd Thesis. UDSM

2012: Internal Examiner for Ms Plan Shegel’s Ph D Thesis, Univ of Dar es Salaam

2011: Supervisor of Ms Esther Nakaweesa’s Masters Dissertation

2011:  Supervisor of Mr.Rasolondrainy Tanambelo V. Rreinaldo Master’s Dissertation

2010: Supervisor of Mr Peter Kokeli’s Master Dissertation

2010: Supervisor of Mr. Fidelis Okeke’s Masters Dissertation

2009: Supervisor of Mr Herman Muwongo’s Masters Dissertation

2007: Supervisor of Ms Hiltruda Mahundi’s Masters Dissertation

2004: External Examiner for Mr. Pastory G. Magayane’s M.A. (Archaeology) University of Dar es Salaam

2002: External Examiner for Mr. Rubaga’s M.A. (Archaeology). University of Dar es Salaam.                       



Journal Articles Published

2014: The Archaeology the East Natron Basin, Tanzania. Effects of Erosion or Recycling. Quaternary                                International

2014: Characterizing the Archaeological Assemblages of Eastern Lake Natron, African Archaeological Review

2012: Environments and Homini activities across the FLK Peninsula during Zinjanthropus team (1.84) Olduvai               Gorge, Tanzania with R Blumenschine, et al. Journal of Human Evol.63 Pg 364-383

2012: Five Decades after Zinjanthropus and Homo habilis: Landscape Palaeoanthropology of Plio-Pleistocene               Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, with R.J. Blumenschine, I.G. Stanistreet and C.C.Swisher III, Guest Editors.                      Journal of Human Evolution, Vo.6 3

2012: Olduvai Gorge and the Olduvai Palaeoanthropology Project, with R.J Blumenschine, and I G. Stani street,              Journal of Human Evolution, Vol 63., pp 247-250.

2012: Landscape distribution of Oldowan Stone Artifacts assemblages across the fault compartment of the                   eastern Olduvai Lake Basin during early lowermost Bed II times with

2010: Research Trends in Archaeology with examples from Tanzania, with F. Chami. Tanzania Zamani.


*2009: A Middle Stone Age/ Later Stone Age industry from Buzwagi, Kahama Shinyanga Region, Tanzania.                       Results of Cultural Impact Assessment, Nyame Akuma no 70: pp 30-48

*2008: Fingerprinting facies of the Tuff IF marker, with implications for early hominin palaeoecology,                               Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, with Stollhoffen, H., Stanistreet, I., McHenry, J., Mollel, G.,and Blumenschine, R.             In Palaogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 259: 382-409.


2008:  Effects of Distance from stone source on landscape-scale variation in Oldowan artefact assemblages in              the Paleo-Olduvai Basin Tanzania. With Blumenschine, J., Tactikos, J. and Ebert, J. Journal of                                  Archaeological Science 35; pp. 76-86.

2008: Isotopic Evidence for Contrasting diet of early hominins Homo habilis and Australopithecus boisei of                   Tanzania with N.J. Van der Merwe, and M.K. Bamford. In South African Journal of Science 104, 153-155.

2005: The Archaeology of the Grumeti in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, in Nyame Akuma Vol. pp

2003: Late Pliocene Homo and Hominid Land Use from Western Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania With Blumenschine,               R., Peters C., Clark, R.  Hay, R. Deino, A, Swisher C., Stanistreet, I, Ashley, G. McHenry L., Sikes, E., van der               Merwe, N., TactikosJ., Cushing A, Deocampo, D Njau, J. Ebert, J. Science Vol. 299, pp 1217-1221

2003: Dating the Nasiusiu Beds, Olduvai Gorge by electron spin resonance, with A.R. Skinner, R.L. Hay and                      B.A.B Blackwell in Quartenary Science Review, 22, 1361-136.

2003: The Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Tanzania Mainland, In East Africa Art Biennale pp.20-36.Journal                          articles submitted and accepted:

Feb 2014: A newly discovered archaeological assemblage in south eastern Tanzania. Journal of African                                  Archaeological Network

Jan 2014: The archaeology of eastern L Natron Basin, Tanzania: Effects of erosion or recycling, Inqua                                      International

Nov 2013: Characterizing the Archaeological Assemblage of Eastern Natron Tanzania. African Archaeological                       Review, Boston Journal Articles in preparation

June 2014: A New MSA/LSA variant or Masasian: Report of Archeaological Investigation of South Eastern                                 Tanzania,

August 2014: The Kabanga Industry. Description of a newly discovered Terminal Acheulean inNorth-western                            Tanzania. Journal of Studies in the African Past.


Recent Conference Presentations:

2013: The distribution of archaeological assemblages in eastern Lake Natron, Tanzania:  pluvial or recycling                 effect, Paper presented at Inqua Conference, Nanyuki Kenya, July 2013

2013: Managing conservation of the Plio-Pleistocene heritage with minimum resources. Lessons from Olduvai.             Paper presented at the 4th EAAPP conference, Mombasa Kenya, August, 2013


Books Published

*1879: The Later Stone Age and Rock Paintings of Central Tanzania, Wiesbaden

*2007: The Prehistoric Rock Art of Singida and the Lake Eyasi Basin, North Central Tanzania. Duggan                                Foundation, London.

*2011: Museology and Museum Studies: A Handbook of the Theory and Practice of Museums. Dar es Salaam                 University Press, Dar es Salaam 


Books in preparation:

Ancestral Paintings: The Rock Paintings of Tanzania and their state of preservation.


Book Chapters:

*2013: Results of recent investigation of the Oldowan and associated hominid remains atthe DK site, Olduvai                 Gorge: A conservation exercise. In Africa, Recent Cradle of Humanity: Discoveries CNRPAH 2013, PP 147-             168.with J.K. Njau and S. Anton     

*2009: Changes in Hominin Transport of Stone for Oldowan Tools across the Eastern Olduvai Basin during                     Lowermost Bed II times, with R.Blumenschine and I. Stanistreet. In The Cutting Egde: New Approaches               to the Archaeology of Human Origins, Eds. K. Schick and N Toth. Stone Age Institute, Gosport Indiana.

*2005: The Neolithic Cultures in Korea with Emphasis on the Osanni site and Eastern Africa, Particularly                         Tanzania. Trends, Similarities and Differences Compared. In Development of Korean Neolithic Culture,               Commemorating 40 years for Korean Neolithic Culture, Ed. Im Hyo-jai, and Seoul National Univ. Press.

*2005: Archaeological Research in Mainland Tanzania up 1990s In Salvaging Tanzania’s Cultural Heritage. Ed.               Mapunda, B.B. and P. Msemwa. Dar es Salaam Univ. Press. Pp 59-80

*2005: Broad-scale Landscape Traces of Oldowan Hominid Land use at Olduvai Gorge and the Olduvai                           Landscaper Palaeoanthropology Project with Blumenschine, R and Peters, C. in Salvaging Tanzania’s                   Cultural Heritage in Salvaging Tanzania’s Cultural Heritage Eds. Mapunda, B.B and P. Msemwa. Dar es                 Salaam Univ. Press.pp.158-189.

*2003: Archaeological Traces as Patterns of Hominid Land use in the Lower Palaeolithic and the Geologic                       context. The Case of Olduvai: In Geological Formation of the Chongokni Palaeolithic Site and Palaeolithic             Archaeology in East Asia. Collection of Papers presented at the International Seminar Commemorating               the 11th Chongokni Prehistoric Festival, Yeocheon County, Institute of Cultural Properties, Hanyang                     University. Pp 21-32 Eds., K. Bae, B. Jeon, and Y Kim

*1999: The Middle Stone Age in Tanzania. Sonderdruck aus festschrift fur Gunter Smolla, Wiesbaden. Pg. 487-               496.

*1992: The Middle Stone Age with reference to Tanzania. In Continuity or Replacement, Controversies in Homo             sapiens evolution, Eds. G Brauer and F Smith (A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam). , pp.99-109

*1988: The East African Coast and the Comoro Islands.  In Unesco General History of Africa III, Africa from the                 Seventh to the Eleventh Century, Ed. M. Elfasi, Unesco, Heinemann, California. Pp586-615.


Selected Conference Proceedings/Presentations:

*2013: The distribution of Archaeological Assemblages in eastern Lake Natron, Tanzania. Pluvial July, 2013.                     Paper prepared for the Inqua Conference, Nanyuki, Kenya. July 2013

*2013: Managing conservation of the Plio-Pleistocene heritage with minimum resources. Lessons from                           Olduvai. Paper prepared for the 4th EAAPP Conference, Mombasa, Kenya August 2013.

*2011: Late Acheuelan or Sangoan. A New Stone Age Industry from North Western Tanzania. Paper presented               at the 3r Biennial Conference of the East African Association of Palaeoanthropology and Palaeontology,               Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 8-12 August 2011.

*2011: A summary of the Olduvai Hominid Finds in their Palaeoenvironmental Contexts. Paper presented at                   The Hominid Workshop, University of Perugia, Italy. 18-22 February 2011.

*2009: The Oldowan at Olduvai Revisited and New Hominids Discovered. International Symposium, Africa,                      Cradle of Humanity: Recent Discoveries. 26-28 October 2009, Setif, Algeria.

*2009: Discovery of a Rhino Skeleton in the Lower Pleistocene Oldowan at Olduvai Gorge: Rhino Butchery or                   Drowning Site? East African Association for Palaeoanthropology and Palaeontology (EAAPP) 2nd Bi-                       Annual Conference, 16-21 August 2009, Arusha, Tanzania.

*2009: Oldowan Hominin Competition with Crocodiles at DK Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. International                                 Conference for the 50th Anniversary of Zinjanthropus Discovery and the Current Establishments of                     Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, 13th -17th August 2009, Arusha                 Tanzania

*2008: Implications of a recent discovery of Late Acheulean/Sangoan Assemblages in North western Tanzania,               Continuity or Termination. Paper Presented at the 12th International Symposium of Suyanngae and her             Neighbours, Meiji University, Tokyo.

*2006: The Oldowan at DK Olduvai Gorge Revisited. In the Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium of              Suyanngae and her Neighbours. Lodz. Poland. Edited by L Domanska and Lee, Y. Lodz; pp. 171-188.

*2004: Middle Palaeolithic in Eastern and Southern Africa and Hominid Symbolic Behaviour: A Survey of the                   industries and related hominid remains: A Paper presented at the 9th International Symposium,                         Suyanggae and Her Neighbours, Meiji University, Tokyo Japan.

*1996: The upper Palaeolithic in Africa: An over view. Paper presented at the International Conference                           Suyangge and her Neighbors, Tayany, Korea Early Publications and Conference proceedings

2006:  The Oldowan and Oldowan Hominins revisited. Preliminary Results of the ongoing work at DK, Olduvai                Gorge, Tanzania. Paper presented at the International Symposium, “Suyanngae and her Neighbours,                   Lodz Poland, October 2006. (To be published in the proceedings)

2005:  Traces of Oldowan Hominin Land use during Lowermost Bed II Landscape Succession in the Palaeo-                     Olduvai basin. Paper presented at 10th International Symposium, Suyanggae and Her Neighbours,                    Tanyan, Korea and being published in the proceedings of the symposium.

2005:  Traces of Oldowan Hominin Land use During the Lowermost Bed II Landscape Succession in the Paleo                 Olduvai Basin, Joint paper presented at the 13th Congress of the Pan African Archaeological Association             for Prehistory and related Studies, 03-10 July 2005, Gaborone Botswana.

2005:   Reconstructing Hominin Land-use in Lowermost Bed II times at Olduvai. Paper presented at the Pan                   African Congress of Prehistory and Related Studies, Gaborone Botswana …

1996:  Landscape Archaeological Investigations at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Interim results. Paper                            presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Korean Archaeologists, Chongju, Korea.

1995:  Distribution and Meaning of the White Pigment Rock Paintings, central Tanzania. Paper presented at                  the Pan African Congress of Prehistory and Related Studies, Harare Zimbabwe.

1995:  With R.J Blumenschine. Conservation and Proposed Feature use of Olduvai and another                                        Palaeoanthropology sites in Tanzania. Paper presented at the Bellagio Conference, Italy.

1993:  With R.J. Blumenschine, Landscape Archaeology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.  Paper presented at the                   International Congress in honor of Dr. M. Leakey’s outstanding contribution in Palaeoathropology.                       Arusha, Tanzania.

1992:   The Role of Museums in African Development; the case of Tanzania. Paper presented at the South                       Africa Museum’s Conference, Durban, South Africa.

1992:   MSA/LSA intermediate industries from southern Tanzania.  Paper read at the South African                                  Archeological Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa.

1991:   With R.J. Blumenschine; Living sites at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania? Preliminary Landscape Archaeology                   results in the basal Bed II lake margin zone. J. Human Evolution, 21,451- 462.

1987:   With D.C Johanson, G.G. Eck, T.D. White,R.C. Water, W.H. Kimble, B.Asfaw, P. Manega, P. Ndesokia & G.                 Suwa. New Partial skeleton of Homo habilis from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.  Nature 327, 205 – 209.

1983:   The coast and the Comoros up to the eleventh century.  In M. Elfasi and I the eleventh century.  Pp 586-             615.  Heinemann, California: UNESCO

1982:   On possible use of unmodified flakes; An ethnographic approach; Ethnos ¾: 260-270.

1982:   The Rock Painting of central Tanzania, Occasional Papers of the National Museum of Tanzania.  No. 4

1979:   The Later Stone Age and the Rock Paintings of central Tanzania Studien zur Kulturkunde 48: Franz                       Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden.

1978:   In Search of State Formation n the archaeological record: paper presented at the International                             Symposium on State Formation, Kisumu Kenya.

1976:   Some Common Aspects of the Rock Paintings of Kondoa and Singida TNR No 77&78; 51 – 64

1975:   National Museums of Tanzania Post- independence progress, TNR No 76,103-112.

1974:   The Irrigation system in Chagga; An ethno-historical approach TNR 75:1-8.

1972:   Pelerovis Oldowayensis: An extinct Pleistocene Bovid from Olduvai Gorge. National Museum Annual                   Report 171-72: 40-50

1972:   The Must Old Museum: Paper presented at 1st Pan African Congress on Museums, Livingstone Zambia.

1969:   Some Rock Painting site in Dodoma. Tanzania Zamani.


Consultancy Reports Registered with UD Consultancy Bureau

*2010: Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Baseline of Kabanga Nickel Project, Ngara Distict, Tanzania.                       Consultancy Report prepared for Director of Antiquities and National Environmental Council

*2006: The Archaeology of Kahama. Investigations at Buzwagi Gold field. Report prepared for Barrick Gold                      Mining Co and now submitted to Nyame Akuma for publication. (Consultancy)

*2006: Archaeological investigation of western Lake Natron. A consultancy report with respect to the Soda                     Magadi Project.


Other Consultancy and Field Reports

2012:  Archaeological Investigation of the proposed HV cable from Iringa to Mbeya. Report of the Archaeological            findings and proposed mitigation measures for SMEC, March 2012.

2012:  Archaeological and Palaeontological relics salvaged from the side Gorge at Olduvai. Report prepared for            the Dept. Of Antiquities, September 2012

2012:  Summary of the fieldwork conducted by the joint Italian Tanzania Team in summer.

2012.  A report prepared for the Dept of Antiquities, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, October 2012.

2012:  Final Report of the Conservation work at Olduvai. A report prepared for the Sonoma County Foundation,              December 2012.

2010:  Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Baseline of the Kabanga Nickel Project, Ngara District Tanzania.

2007:  Cultural heritage impact assessment of the Kabanga nickel mining project: a report of the                                     Archaeological and historical relics in the area (Consultancy).

2007:  A Middle Stone Age Industry from Buzwagi, Kahama, Shinyanga Region: Results of Cultural Impact                        Assessment. (Consultancy)

2006:  Preliminary report of the Archaeological Investigation in Masasi. Prepared for the Tanzania Cultural                      Trust Fund and to be developed to a paper for publication.

2004:  Preliminary Report of the Palaeoanthropological findings from the DK site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. A                  report prepared for the Earthwatch Institute and the Dept of Antiquities, Dar es Salaam.

2005:  Preliminary Report of the excavation of the elephant skeleton from Bed III/IV at Olduvai and excavation                in lowermost Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

2004:  The DK site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. A report prepared for the Earthwatch Institute and the Dept of                    Antiquities, Dar es Salaam. 2005: Preliminary Report of the excavation of the elephant skeleton from                      Bed III/IV at Olduvai and excavation in lowermost Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

2003:   Final Report of the DK Conservation Project at Olduvai. A report prepared for the Earthwatch Institute,                 USA and the Dept of Antiquities, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

2002:   Preliminary Results of the 2001/2992 Palaeoanthropological Investigations at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.                Unpublished Ms. Co-authored with R.J. Blumenschine.

2001:  Preliminary Results of the 2000/2001 Field season of the Olduvai Landscape Palaeoanthropology Project.              Unpublished Ms. Co-authored with R.J. Blumenschine.

2001:  Historical Perspective of Archaeological Research in Mainland Tanzania Paper presented at the                            Millennium Workshop of Cultural Heritage in Tanzania. To be published in the proceedings of the                        Workshop.

2001:  The near basin –wide Distribution of Trace of Oldowan Hominid Land Use at Olduvai Gorge Tanzania.                  Unpublished Ms. Co-authored with R.J. Blumenschine

2000:  Interim Scientific Report of the199 Field Season at Olduvai Gorge Tanzania Unpublished Ms. Co-                          authored with R.J Blumenschine.

1999:  Preliminary analysis of the palaeoanthropological and sedimentological data from Lowermost Bed II and              Bed I at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Unpublished Ms. Co-authored with R.J. Blumenschine

1998:  Preliminary Results of the 1997/98 Field Season of the Olduvai Landscape Unpublished Ms. Co-authored             with R.J.Blumenschine.

1997:  Preliminary analysis of the Palaeoathropology data from lowermost Bed II. Unpublished Ms Co-authored             with R.J Blumenschine.

1997:  Report of the Archaeological Monitoring at Kihansi. Unpublished Ms prepared for Norconsult, Tanzania.            (Consultancy)

1996:  Landscape Ecology and hominid land use in the lowest Bed II, Olduvai basin. National Science                              Foundation Proposal (SBR 96-01065). Co-authored with R.J Blumenschine.

1995:  Archaeological Investigations of the Kihansi Hydropower project and the Udzungwa Industry. In                            Environmental Impact Studies, Tanesco / Norplan, Tanzania.

1995:  Archaeological Investigations and Findings at Lower Kihansi Hydropower Project. In Tanesco/ Norplan,                  Environmental Studies of the KLP, Tanesco, Dar es Salaam.

1995:  Archeological and Palaeontological investigation along the proposed

           Makuyuni Musoma Road corridor.  A report prepared for Norconsult Tanzania, Ltd, Tanzania.

1995:  With R.J. Blumenschine, and C.R. Peters:  archeological predictions for hominid land use of landscape                 facets hypothesized for Palaeo-Lake Olduvai during lowermost Bed II times.  Proc. 10th Congress of the                Pan African Association for Prehistory and Related Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe.

1994:  The Archeological investigations and findings of the Pangani Falls Hydropower Project.  In Environmental            Impact Studies, Vol. I. Norconsult, Tanzania, Ltd.

1994:  Archeological and historical consideration in the Rehabilitation of Kasanga Port.  A report prepared for                Norconsult Tanzania, Ltd.

1994:  Some Technical Aspects of the Sangoan-like Kilwan Industry from south eastern Tanzania.  Paper                          presented at the South African Archeological Association annual meeting, Pietermaritzburg, South                         Africa.

1994:  Archeological investigation and findings along the Makuyuni Oldeani Road.  Report prepared for Gauff                Ingenieur, Tanzania.

1978:  Report of the archeological survey and finding at the proposed Mtera Reservoir region. In Gt. Ruaha                    Power Project, Tanesco /Sweco.



Implication of new discovery of Late Acheulean/ Sangoan Archeological Assemblages in Kabanga, North western Tanzania. Expected to be submitted in February 2013


Masasian or Local variant of the Lupemban: An MSA from Masasi. In preparation and expected to be submitted in February 2013


The Archaeological Signatures of the Lake Masek Grave yard, Southern Serengeti, Tanzania. Expected to be submitted in December 2013.




2012:  Archaeological Investigation of the proposed HV cable from Iringa to Mbeya.

2011:  Continued Investigation of the Ecological Base of Hominid land use and Bed I and Bed II times, Olduvai              Gorge. Olduvai Landscape Palaeoanthropology Project

2010:  Continued Investigation of the Ecological Base of Hominid land use in Bed I and II times, Olduvai Gorge,               Olduvai Landscape Palaeoanthropology Project

2009:   Archaeological investigation of the Kabanga Nickel Mining Area

2008:   Archaeological Investigation of the Buzwagi Gold Mining Area

2007    Conservation and Salvage work at the DK site, Olduvai Gorge.

2007:   Hominin land use during Upper Bed I and Lowermost Bed II times, Olduvai Gorge Tanzania

2006:   Archeological Investigation of the Eastern lake Natron

2006:   Buzwagi Archaeological baseline study, Kahama, Tanzania.

2005    Conservation and Salvage work at the DK site, Olduvai Gorge.

2005:   Hominin land use during Upper Bed I and Lowermost Bed II times, Olduvai Gorge Tanzania.

2004:   Conservation and Salvage work at the DK site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

2004:   Archaeological Investigation on the Mtwara gas to Power Project proposed route.

2003:   Near basin-wide traces of Hominid Land use at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

2003:   Conservation and Salvage work at the DK site Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. A project sponsored by the Dept             of Antiquities and financed by the Earthwatch Institute, USA

2002:   Conservation and salvage work at the DK site Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. A project sponsored by the Dept.             of Antiquities, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and financed by the Earthwatch Institute,                    USA.

2002:   Continued Research on the near- Basin Wide Traces of Hominid Land Use at Olduvai Gorge Tanzania.

 2002:  Conservation Work at DK site, Olduvai Gorge with Earthwatch.

2000:  Archaeological Investigation and monitoring at Tulawaka Gold mine with Local perspective.

2000:  Continued Research on the Landscape Paleoecology and Archeology of Olduvai Gorge Tanzania.

2000:   Continued Landscape Archeology at Olduvai Tanzania.

1998:   Continued Research on the Landscape Paleoecology and Archaeology of Olduvai Gorge and the Ecology               of modern lake sittings in northern Tanzania.

1998:   Mapping of Archeological trenches at Olduvai using GPS and Tremble Total Station.

1998:   Continued Landscape Archeology at Olduvai.

1998:   Follow-up of the archeological monitoring and mitigation at Lower Kihansi Hydropower Project (LKHP)/                 Norconsult/ Norplan

1997:   Continued Landscape Archaeology at Olduvai Gorge.

1997:   Continued Archaeological monitoring at LKHP/ Norplan

1996:   Continued Landscape Archaeology at Olduvai.

1995:   Researching the deteriorating agents of the Rock paintings Tanzania

1986-94: Several field trips including surveying and assessing the Archaeological and Historical impact                               assessment of proposed improvement on the strench of the road between Makuyuni and Oldeani                       with Gauff Ingeneur

                The proposed new Makuyuni Musoma Road by way of Maswa and Bariadi with Norconsult Pangani                     Falls Hydroelectric Project with Norconsult

                Assessing the environmental and socio-economic impact of the rehabilitation of the German built                       Kasanga Port on L. Tanganyika with Norconsult

1979-81: Archaeological Reconnaissance and salvage at Mtera Dam with SWECO


Extra-curricular activities, Honorary titles and International Conferences

1985-88: Secretary to the National Committee of the Arusha Declaration Museum at Dodoma.

1985-87:  Member of CCM Committee on National Culture Policy.

1985:   An International Congress on Culture Heritage Interpretation and Presentational, Banff Canada.

1983:   ICAES conference, Vancouver Canada.

1983:   UNESCO conference on Restitution of Cultural Heritage to its country of origin, Niamey, Niger.

1992:   An International Conference on Culture of the people of the Great Lakes, Bukavu, Zaire.

1981:   International Seminar on the study of rock Art Capo di Ponte Italy.

1980:   12th ICOM Conference, Mexico City.

1980:   Commonwealth Association of Museum Conference Calgary Canada.

1978:   UNESCO Conference on the criteria of establishing science museum, Manila Philippines.

1978:   Pan Africa Conference on the Organization of Museum Monuments and sites on Africa (OMASA), Nairobi             Kenya.

1978:   International Committee for Museum of Archeology and History Munich, FRG.

1977:   Pan African Congress of Prehistory and Quaternary Studies, Nairobi Kenya.

1977:   11th ICOM Conference Leningrad and Moscow, USSR.

1973:   Central and East African Museum Conference, Lusaka, Zambia.

1972:   Ndutu: An investigating of the Culture Statigraphic sequence with the Dep. of Antiquities Tanzania.

1969:   Re-investigation of Isimila Palaeolithic Site in collaboration with University of Illinois, Champaign.



1996-97:  Six months fellowship at Hanyang University, Korea. Korea Foundation for Korean Studies.

1996:   One-month sabbatical at Rutgers University, N.J USA

1985:   12 Months sabbatical at Frankfurt and Tubingen Universities on a Humboldt fellowship.

1983:   Four months sabbatical at Brown University as visiting scholar, R.I USA.

1983:   Two weeks tour of Germany funded by the German office for Overseas Development.



2014:   University of Dar es Salaam. Grant for the re-evaluation of the newly discovered hominid foot prints at               Laetoli

2014:   PAST, grant for conducting preliminary investigation of Khusumay Acheulean site

2009-2012:  Sonoma County Foundation grant for the Conservation of Olduvai

2009:  PAST, grant for investigating the MSA in south east Tanzania.

2007:  Earth-watch Institute: Conservation of the DK site

2006:  Tanzania Culture Trust Fund. Archaeological Investigation of Mtwara and Masasi Districts, Tanzania.

2002-06:  Earth-watch: Conservation of the DK Site.

2000-02:  NSF grant on Landscape Archeology at Olduvai Gorge.

2000:  Tanzanian Culture Trust Fund: Documentation of the Rock Art of Karatu and Mbulu Districts.

1999:  Tanzania Culture Trust Fund: Conservation of DK site at Olduvai Gorge International Collaborative                        Research for the multidisciplinary Landscape Archeology and Hominid land use, National Scientific                      Council.

1994:   Singida Rock Paintings. Commission for Science and Technology.

1993:   Recording the Rock art in central Tanzania: British Institute in Eastern Africa.

1983:   Volkswagen Stiftung through Tubingen University:  Recording rock art in Singida Region

194-75: Volkswagen Stiftung: Later Stone Age and the Rock Paintings of central Tanzania.



2011:  2nd PhD Supervisor. Elizabeth Kyazike

2011:  2nd PhD Internal examiner Plan Senjere

2010-2011:  2nd MA Supervisor

2010-2011:  MA supervision of Nyakawesa Ester

2009-2010:  MA supervision of Kokeli Peter and Okeke Fidelis

2007:  MA supervision of Mahudi Hiltruda, Archaeology Unit, University of Dar es Salaam.

:          Production of a compendium on Tourism, (OTS 203, Museums and Heritage) for the Open University of                Tanzania.

:          Editor-in-chief, Kumbuka Newsletter.


Tour lectures and guide:

Several lecture and tour guide assignments to specialized groups at Olduvai and the Rock paintings of Tanzania especially in Kondoa, Singida and Southern Mbulu. 

2010 - present

2010 - present